Christ Lutheran Church (Lincoln)

  • About Christ Lutheran Church

    Here at Christ Lutheran Church, through all aspects of our ministry, we seek to fulfill our mission statement: “Connecting people to Christ and together growing in His Word”. In addition to that very important phrase, there is also an underlying motto, which prayerfully is found throughout our congregation and all our decisions. That virtue is: “Savior-centered, Mission-minded, Spirit-driven”. Every weekend, three varieties of worship are available with the intention to reach as many people as possible.

    Our multi-sensory service, identified as Room211, takes place every Sunday morning. This service features parable-driven messages, making significant use of video and drama to communicate God’s Word. Worship incorporates top-40 Christian music and is led by our band; the setting is very casual. Tremendous growth has been occurring in Room211 since we introduced it in the fall of 2004.

    We also offer a blended worship opportunity three times every Sunday morning. In this service, there tends to be more structure of liturgy than in Room211, while still maintaining an openness and creativity in bringing together styles of music, occasional dramas, and interviews. Often, the sermons in the blended services find the worshippers consulting the Bibles that are before them in the pew racks.

    On Sunday afternoon, we offer an African immigrant ministry service. Most of the service is conducted in the Nuer language (Sudan), and takes upon itself the style of worship with which some of our members are familiar from their days in their native Africa. Once a month, on a Sunday evening, we also offer a very casual and simplified worship service for the learning- challenged members of our congregation and community, along with their families and care-givers.

    We take seriously the opportunities and responsibilities to teach God’s Word to children, and to see that their faith blossoms. Our staff focuses their energies on “birth through young adult” ministries including Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, and more. Christ Lutheran also provides a Christian day school, the ministry of Christ Schools, for children from Kindergarten through the fifth grade. As part of Christ Schools, we also have an excellent childcare program that serves both member and non-member families.

    In mid-summer of 2008, construction is expected to begin on our campus. This campus/ministry development will provide a much larger space for Room211, provide permanent classrooms for our entire educational program, and offer an important gathering and connecting place for all of our members and their friends.