Immanuel Lutheran Church (Lincoln)

  • About Immanuel Lutheran Church

    Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church has been a part of the Lincoln community since October 17, 1909. Established as a mission congregation to meet the spiritual needs of the many Germans from Russia who had migrated into Lincoln’s South Bottoms neighborhood, Immanuel has a long and storied history.

    Immanuel is people with a mission. Our mission statement is simple: “One beggar showing other beggars where to find bread.” We implement that mission without tricks or gimmicks. Our pastor simply preaches and teaches that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was crucified for the sins of every man, woman and child — and by His death, we have forgiveness, life, and salvation.

    We invite you to come and visit us. Join with us and hear the historic liturgy of the Christian Church, sing Christ-centered hymns to the sound of an organ, and be fed by God’s Word and Sacraments. Come to Immanuel and receive the bread of eternal life and hear the sweet message that you are forgiven in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.