Trinity Lutheran Church (Lincoln)

  • About Trinity Lutheran Church

    Trinity Lutheran Church was organized on November 27, 1881. It was the first Missouri Synod Lutheran Church in Lincoln, Nebraska. Trinity’s first pastor, Pastor Fred Koenig, grew up as the son of a Missionary from Germany. His first call as a pastor was to Trinity in Malcolm, Nebraska, from 1879-81. During this time, (in addition to his Pastoral duties in Malcolm) Pastor Koenig made biweekly trips to Lincoln to serve the Word and Sacrament needs of Lutherans who had settled there. Ultimately, Pastor Koenig was joined by five other men, led by the Holy Spirit, and undertook the establishment of Trinity Lutheran Church.

    One year after the church was established, the congregation started a Lutheran School. From the very beginning of Trinity Lutheran Church, Christ-centered education, and the passing of faith to the next generation, take high priorities.

    From its starting point, Trinity Lutheran Church has undergone many changes, but the basic elements and values of Trinity remain.

    First and most importantly, Trinity maintains a Biblical and Sacramental focus where Jesus is first.
    Second, Trinity cherishes Christian Education by running a school (preschool to fifth grade) and participating in the Lincoln Lutheran Middle/High School Association.
    Third, Trinity continues in the tradition of the Lutheran church by keeping the historical elements of Lutheran worship.
    Fourth, Trinity pursues the continued building of relationships – strengthening connections among its members and, in the example of Pastor Koenig and according to the Mission Christ gave, going out to people who need to hear the Word of God.

    Trinity’s history, Trinity’s character, Trinity’s values, and Trinity’s mission are summed up with its chosen mission statement: “Connecting people to Christ in His Word and Love.”